My new charger has an intermittent fault where all the lights come on when it powers up, the fans are whirring but it does nothing else. It will not recognise if a battery is connected, the lights never turn off or flash. I can connect my phone via Bluetooth and it connects to the charger but only shows ‘none’ for the battery, no matter if one is plugged in or not. This is all irrespective of whether a battery is connected or not, it seems to me to be failing something on startup or freezing.

I have tried pressing one or both buttons as well as holding them down for a while but this has no effect.

Oddly, it did this when I first got it for about an hour and then worked but after a week or so of use it suddenly started up like this again yesterday and no matter how long I leave it on, all the lights remain on and it continues to be stuck.

(When I say all lights, I mean all the lights including the ones on the left and the middle)

Any help appreciated.