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    Question 7665 GTR Hard Anodized Shock build help

    So one of my shocks broke recently and needed to buy new ones
    thought I'd go for an upgrade.. but man I regret that now..

    I bought Traxxas 7665 (-)" GTR Hard Anodized Shock Model Car Parts
    and they don't connect to the car because the don't have the balls? and no screws came with the shocks..

    so I bought the screws: 2564 2x8mm cap-head machine (hex drive) (6) x2
    But now I find that those screws don't fit into the stock suspension arms or towers???

    So my question is please can someone give me a list of the stuff I need to be able to make these shocks work.

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    You will need more than screws to make those work. I suggest you look at the hot racing shock kit for the dromida to see all of the hw you'll need. The lower mount rotates and pivots front to back a little to give the arms some give, the upper mount just rotates.

    I'm suprised the traxxas kit comes without hw, did you contact support to see if you are missing anything?


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