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    Quote Originally Posted by Acidic01 View Post
    I think v1 and v2 have different centers. But not positive...

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    Yep, different part #'s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK DIZZLE View Post
    Man sorry to hear that! Stinks you couldn't get it set up for what you wanted to do with it! Reinvest your loot into another RC!
    All I wanted the E-Revo to do was drive and there was no "setting it up" to do regular driving. I literally could not get through a full run of charged batteries without something happening to it and putting it down. I have the VR46 Rally and I put 6S in it and it has been amazing!
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    You are not lying when you say its somewhat a money my opinion it is the best basher on the market. For me, I bought 3 of everything to have on hand and I do replace parts regularly. At first I could not run more than one set of packs without having to adjust this or fix that. I now SEND IT at the motox track. Cleared a 70ft table top about 30 times in a row today, no breakages, 1 crash though. I've owned it for about 5 weeks and have already replaced rear chassis brace, installed traxxas aluminum brace, added aluminum push rods, replaced drive cups, replaced rear center shaft. Pillow balls were backing out until I teflon taped them. All is good now, I'm sorry yours didn't work out, I woule be bummed.

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