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    Proline jeep wrangler?

    Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope well. Moving on I was wondering if I would be able to fit one of those 12.3 proline wrangler bodies to my trx4? This might be a silly question it's just of what I've seen it does not seem to be compatible. Am I wrong? Also, I took off the wheel wells and I also have it set to a 12.3 wheelbase. Thanks for any responses in advance I appreciate it. Have a nice Sunday, God bless and stay safe.
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    Running the stock 12.8 wheelbase on two TRX4 defenders ,I've been able to use the proline jeep body no problem. I got the body for my scx10.2 (12.3 wheelbase) so two sets of body mount holes needed to be made to accommodate both wheelbases.

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