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    One wheel isnít responsive when I hit the gas/reverse

    So I just got my maxx this past week. And I never really paid attention to this, until last night and want to know if this is a normal thing or if I need to get it fixed.

    So I noticed that when I rolled it this last time, when I hit the gas 3 of the 4 wheels spin, same when I hit reverse.

    When itís on the ground on all 4 it drives normal but it feels like itís not in 4wd, itís like 3wd and that one wheel just spins on itís own. All the other wheels when I turn them with my hand has a little tension and that other one doesnít really have any.

    Is this normal ?? Thanks for the help

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    Sounds like a drive shaft broke

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    yeah check those driveshafts, i broke 3 out of 4 of mine leaving my truck with 1 wheel drive - if you are running 4s then yeah its likely 1 of those shafts have twisted out. if your driveshafts are all good you may break down the affected diff and check for fluids.. just follow the path thats broken until its not broken.. then you will find whats broken.

    could also be a wheel nut? or the pin in the axle?

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    Ditto to the above. Sounds like a pin might have sheared in one driveshaft.

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