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    ESC recommendations

    Time to get her back running again. So a few winters ago after bashing in the snow, my ESC started smoking after my son unintentionally left the lipo’s connected for about 20 mins...something must of shorted. I think the motor should still be ok or how would I know if that was toasted too? Any recommendations on a new ESC? A friend recommended the Hobbywing Ezrun max 6 or 8. I just run upto 6s so would the Ezrun max 8 be sufficient.

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    When I replaced my Vxl 6s it was between castles MM2 and HW max 8 (The prices were very similar on Amazon where as the vxl was double the cost) i chose the mm2 as I was familiar with CC and hadn't used HW yet how however my sons Dukono came with a HW esc and its been a trooper! So personally id say its a matter of preference if i were to have to replace my esc again id try the max 8 just for kicks it seems to come highly recommended.

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    I have the castle Mamba x 2 sensor setup and it is great

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    I have a hobbywing XE run 150 a things insane with the ripper 2000kv but I got a Mamba monster 2 as a backup

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    I had an MXL-6S (MMv2) in mine, but it died after the 3rd 6S run. Not sure why. I ran it for 3 years in a v1 revo on 4S and moved it over to a v2 roller so I could run 6S.

    I replaced it with a max6 since it's more capable than the MXL-6S and so far, it's doing really well. I run a 2050kv 4074 motor in it also with strapped trencher 3.8's and 19/54 gearing.

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