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    Question upgrading from 27mhz

    Hey all,
    New to the forums but have used traxxas for around 16 years since the days on the Nitro Sport lol.
    My question is, I currently have a 10+ yr old Rustler I want to put a 3.3 engine in, now even with the 2.5 its slightly unwieldly to control so Iím considering going from the stock 27mhz which still works fine to the new 2.4ghz with TSM. However, Ive been brought up on stick controls having used control planes and the old traxxas 2ch stick controller and Iím CRAP with the steering wheel type canít stand it or get used to them. So does any one know if you are able to link a TSM receiver to a generic 2.4 transmitter and the telemetry stability to still work? Will a traxxas receiver even link to another makes stick transmitter?
    I really donít know why they only give the one type of control out as they used to give the option and not everyone likes the steering wheel type.

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    I think for stick radios with TRX you are out of luck my friend. Glad to hear you're bringing the nitro back though!

    A new 3.3 and the 2.4ghz TQi radio system is actually pretty nice stuff. If you don't race or compete, I think you could learn to use the steering wheel and trigger. Maybe you are left-handed (at least when it comes to RC driving?) Of course you know which handed you are, but I know some people who when I hand them a radio, can barely control a thing. So I tell them to, awkwardly, hold the radio trigger in their right hand and steer with the left. Looks a little funny with a normal RH radio, but to some people it's an instant improvement in their coordination. Worth a shot, just to make sure.

    Compared to the old 2.5 motor, the 3.3 is a good step up. You would like it. Good idea.
    The TQi radio system and TSM is pretty nice stuff too. I have had very little issues with my TQi equipment, generally works as expected and works well. I personally don't use the TSM assistance, for me it feels like it makes the cars do unexpected things. I prefer to control the drifting and fishtailing manually, so I turn it off. But especially if you are learning to use the pistol radio, it could be helpful to you. I think TSM is geared more towards inexperienced drivers, so you may come to realize you like full control later on, but it's definitely worth trying out! Especially on the 2WD vehicles with a lot of power.

    Luckily, the motor and controller system can be bought through traxxas via their "Power Up Program". You just send in your old stuff, and they discount your new stuff, at a pretty good discount. Email or call traxxas and see what they can do with your exact equipment.

    As for stick radios, I personally am a RC flyer as well as driver, and I got into flying way more than driving. I competed, had sponsors, and actually got sponsored by Futaba. So I have a load of stick time, and I agree with you, the stick radio is superior when it comes to fine control and precision. But for cars, I prefer the pistol radio. I was terrible with it when I started RC driving, and now I would say I have an average skill level with the radio, but an elevated skill level with depth-perception, trajectory, ect. from my flying days. Keep trying with the pistol radios, they are really comfy and get the job done well once you get used to them. But if you just absolutely can't do it, I think you would have to buy an air radio, and air receiver, and just throw that in the car and program the channels in the radio. It can be done, it would just be a little awkward.

    Hope this helps.

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