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    Summit in water - turned off?


    I had a small incident with my summit and water.
    Now, I've played in the snow and got it "wet" before, without any issues.
    But today I drove it through water that was almost as deep as the tires.
    It was a lot less than some of the summit water videos I've seen.
    But as soon as I stopped, the car turned off and wouldn't turn back on.

    Relevant video here:
    (I know it's shaky... the primary purpose of the trip today was to see if the new gopro mount was stable enough.)

    Based on videos and info posted in other threads, such as, this shouldn't have been a big of an issue.

    However, as the summit is, strictly speaking, water resistant and not water proof, my question is this:
    What additional precautions and/or mods are you gals'n'guys using to minimize any risk regarding water?

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    Likely rx got the box let it dry out.
    I make sure the gasket/o ring is seated.i use a bit of Vaseline to help it seal and stay in place while getting all those wires
    I also add some to the section the wires get clamped down to prevent any sneaking in there.could use grease instead.

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