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    slightly bigger tires for teton that requires no other mods?

    I bought a pair of these for my niece and nephew and they have been having a blast with them. my niece pulls the trigger then chases the thing till it crashes, my nephew on the other hand is getting so good at it I let him drive my mini revo the other day and he kept it slow enough to control, it really surprised me.

    got me thinking I need to get his car running alittle better. so far the only thing they have that isn't stock is metal geared servo's after both stock servo's went. expected it. my vxl mini revo has its server burn out in our field in about a week of bashing.

    the ground in the field is very uneven, and we mow it with a large path zero turn mower, so even though the grass height is set for 2" it ranges from half an inch to almost 3 inches in places depending on how the wheels landed the last time we cut the grass, and the tetons get stuck in the deeper patches and struggle thru alot of it.

    any chance there is like an easy fix slightly bigger tires? I've already tried the mini revo wheels and the mini summit wheels that I have and neither has the offset needed for them to work.

    I may end up piecing together the older vxl mini revo I have. it was converted to a mini summit and I've already pulled alot of those parts off it for my newer one. the transmitter was lost when we moved, so I'd need to buy a new one of those. and its still a brushless, which I'd prefer he had something slower still. kid impressed me, but he's still only 4. I might save that for when he's alittle older.

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    I got these for my Teton:

    These wheels are:
    - Slightly narrower
    - Slightly bigger in diameter
    - Have sponge filler
    - Are unglued

    I didn’t try it in bashing yet, but so far on cut grass + sand I believe those are better than stock ones. However, ideally those need to be glued I would say.

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