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Thread: Gearing Options

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    Gearing Options

    I'm not seeing much out there in terms of spur and pinions that add torque. I see there are speed options, but no pinions less than 9T or spurs over 60t.

    My daughter smoked the motor in her teton so I ordered a cheap brushless kit for mine and will swap my old motor into hers. I'm anticipating playing with the gearing too but it looks pretty limited. I may not need to change them but don't know yet. It's a 2435 4500kv.

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    Yeah the stock motors are garbage. The brushes will either wear out extremely quick, or just weld themselves to the com.

    Just go brushless for both.

    I haven't seen much for gearing either. 3D printing one is about the only option left, but I don't think those would be hardy enough.

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    I've found that as long as I don't run in grass the stock motors usually last.

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