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    I have had my Rustler 4x4 VXL for about about 3 weeks now. I vented the tires and blocked off the wheel vents as per this forum. Today my RR tire bead came loose from the wheel and foam was hanging out. I reinstalled and glued with superglue. After a little more bashing the LR tire ripped and came flying off. Are these tires not designed to handle 3S power ? I would rather not spend $35 for 2 new Traxxas tires and wheels if they are not durable. Does anyone know of any better options that are not big bucks ? I run mostly on asphalt pavement.I would like to go with a tire and wheel combo because I know the tires are not easy to get off the old wheels. Also not too worried about what the wheels look like. Any help would be appreciated , Thanks

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    I take exacto knife and cut as closed to plastic as I can, tape the inside of tire with gorilla tape one layer around and overlap slightly then glue back to rims. I do this for unmounted sets as well. It happens the 12mm talons on p4des did same for me when it was new. I never had any luck with trying to tape holes to keep water out it still gets in at beads so just keep holes open and holes in actual tires and you'll be good. Also get some tire glue from hobby shop and make sure things are clean and dry before gluing that makes a huge difference. Dont forget to clean rubber and plastic surfaces before gluing old stuff back together and even new stuff comes from manufacturing needing to be cleaned before gluing!

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