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    TSM Issues with unknown reason

    I just noticed this problem with my vehicles. Sometimes I use the Traxxas link app and sometimes I don't. I was working on my Jato and while on the work stand every time I was using the throttle (servo) channel the front steering wheels would start glitching or moving a little. I tried turning the Multi-function Knob up or down to see if the TSM was causing this. No changes.

    So I turned on the Traxxas app and opened up the TSM window. Noticed that TSM was at 50%. How could that be when my knob was at zero. "Long story short," In order for the TSM to work with the Multi-function knob the small knob in the bottom right of the screen needs to be lit up with a red circle. All you need to do is touch it to change from off to on.

    Somehow it changed? Maybe from an update? Using the remote with a different truck? I don't know. If you are having trouble with the wheels glitching and you turned the Multi-function knob to zero, check to see. Somehow mine gotten turned off and the TSM percentage was stuck on a set amount without me changing the on/off.

    Here are screen shots of what I am talking about. With the knob lit up the multi-function knob controls TSM.

    I hope this helps others that are confused like I was.

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    I think the "glitching" is the tsm system sensing vibrations caused by the movement of the throttle servo. Honestly tsm hasn't worked well for me, or I just don't like it. It makes my trucks not drive strait. And makes the steering radius bigger. So I just turn it off always lol.

    The app has multiple things like what you've found that are unintuitive and annoying lol.


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    I think your right on the update changing things.

    This is something that we experienced when we fired up the Xmaxx and the BL Emaxx last week, they both came up at 50% even though they were saved at 25%. I wasn't sure if it was something that had been done by the grandson or myself and it never had any ill effect on our driving but I put it back to 25%, saved and loaded.

    We both love using and driving with it, all of our rc's drift really nice with it.

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