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    Traxxas Lipo Voltage Balance when empty

    today i meassured the Voltage of my (2020) Traxxas 3s 5000mah Lipos
    after using it in my E-Revo V2.
    I drove a good time, so the Low-Voltage-Protection kicks in one short time.
    I stopped immediately and measured at home the voltage of the cells
    with the Traxxas Lipo Checker.
    Voltages are
    3,29 3,45 3,39

    3,54 3,61 3,60

    !! This is not even close to be what would be perfect?!

    The last times i used these Lipos it was always way more togehter (but without these low-voltages,
    i stopped earlier) like 3,70.

    Is this normal, is this ok?
    (When the Lipo was fully charged with Traxxas Dual Charger it was 4,20 4,21 4,22 something like this always.)

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    The ESC does not change which cell the voltage is pulled from - it pulls from the entire battery. If you had the batteries in series then one of the batteries could be higher than the other. Just switch the compartment they were in. Most of all: balance charge.
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