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    UDR Space Compartment

    On the Traxxas website for the UDR, I found this image (on the slide back and forth thing):

    If you take a look at the picture, there are tons of space right under the two spare tires. I'm wondering if there is actual space in it, has anyone opened it, or have taken a look?

    If there is space, I am thinking of making it into some sort of compartment to store things.

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    Looks like an open void. If you were to cut, it may affect structural integrity a bit. Good idea though!

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    A couple people have cut it open....and mounted the spares in a different way.

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    You don't have to cut it to get that compartment open. You can remove the fuel cell from the chassis and unscrew the lower cover. Then viola! Put your driver figures' make-up cases in there, and they'll be ready for the after-race ball!

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