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    Angry Weak mount on TRX-6/TRX-4 Suspension link to fender/mud guard

    Hi All.

    We are two friends who have the TRX-6 and have the same problem.
    This should apply to all that have the TRX-6 and all TRX-4 inner fenders as well.
    The left front fender mount that attaches to the top suspensionlink and prevents the suspension from moving sideways seem too weak.
    Both of us have broken six mounts together (four for me and two for my friend).
    This is very annoying as you must by a complete TRX-8080 fender set to exchange this one part. The set contains two rear fenders that only fits the TRX-4 and it is about 20 Euro/dollars each time.

    You dont have to move very fast, it is just the direction of the hit, that seem to break this mount. This is the only ting that keeps breaking on both our cars after stripping the plastic servo arm early on.

    Attached is an image of my attempted way to strenghten the mount by filling a canal in the fender with epoxy (reinforced by two needles within the epoxy) to get more material supporting the mount.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to mod this to stop it from happening?[IMG][/IMG]
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    Haven't had that issue on my TRX6.
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    I have not had that problem on my TRX6 and I feel we have been pretty rough on it too.

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    Never had this happen before, I've taken 1-2 foot drops with it (no body on) and not have anything break. I run mine pretty hard.

    What causes it to break? It is crashing into a wall, and which direction is the blow coming from?
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    Haven't had any such problem with either my TRX-4 Bronco or Tactical, and I'm still on the original steering servo and horn.

    We must find out why this is happening.

    You mentioned stripping the steering arm, and it has been replaced? Maybe it now hits the bracket at full left lock?

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    I've just watched 2 YouTube videos about that yesterday, totally random for me, I never had that problem. They weren't breaking them, but noted some flex in them after upgrading to stronger servos. The fix in both videos was basically a metal brace (homebrew or found other use) in the other hole on plastic tab/arm braces to opposite side frame rail, around servo and screwed in. (With longer screw trough existing hole.)

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