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    TRX Chassis kit - Body Fitment With Inner Fenders

    Hi everyone, I just built a new TRX4 from the chassis kit. As I understand things, this kit out of the box assembles with a 12.3 inch wheelbase. Being new to crawlers, I went out and purchased a 12.3 inch WB ProLine Jeep Wrangler JL body for it. I trimmed it out and quickly realized that it didn't fit. The wheel wells on the TRX4 are just too big and the shocks mount to it so I can't just delete it without some different parts or a custom solution. I researched a bit last night and may have found a solution but wanted to run it past the group here to make sure I didn't miss anything. Here's my plan:

    1. Remove the stock fender wells and install part 8216 - Front and rear shock towers. This would allow enough clearance for the Jeep ProLine body to fit properly.

    2. Once I install those shock towers, it appears (although I can't confirm 100%) the battery tray clip will interfere with the new position of the rear body mount. Since I will be maintaining the 12.3 inch wheelbase, these shock tower mounts would essentially move forward (about an inch) the mounting location for the rear body post.

    3. To address the issue above, I found out that part 8215 (front and rear body posts) contains another part from the TRX4 sport that the normal TRX4 doesn't have. It's a u-shaped piece that looks like it will give me the clearance I need to keep the battery tray clip from being interfered with.

    At this point I'm just looking for a gut check here to see if this sounds right. I also know that Traxxas makes narrow wheel wells now too. Does anyone know if those would allow for the proper clearances for the Jeep body to fit? If not, I'll just roll with the option to remove the fender wells. I also don't want to trim and/or cut my existing ones.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Proline makes a Jeep body specifically for the TRX4, a Rubicon, I think. The 12.3 one won't fit, even with narrow fenders. I got same kit, asked my LHS about body, cause I didn't want a Traxxas body; they all had holes for accessories in them. I wasn't gotta run accessories. I got the 12.3 body, painted it, trimmed it all bueno...I was hurt. Bumper mounts on both ends stuck out, I trimmed like crazy the (body) fenders, my fender liners stuck out crazy. I eventually got narrow fenders, fronts still stick out, but that's mostly cause I already cut the body fenders

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