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Thread: E Revo or XMaxx

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    E Revo or XMaxx

    I am recently getting back into RC after about 15 years. I got a Arrma Granite to start out with but of course I want to get something bigger and better now. I am looking and the E Revo 2.0 or the X Maxx. The E Revo looks awesome but I have see quite a few issues about durability. I don't plan on doing anything crazy. I mostly use them in my front yard with a homemade jump and I take them camping. Thanks.

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    Thats how i run my erevo most of the time i have a 2' homemade kicker with a nice curve to it and i bash it through the woods alot (trees everywhere typical of southern oregon) if im not crazy with it i have little to no problems beyond pillow balls needing adjustment every few runs however the front pushrods are open to impact with small trees ive bent a few hitting 2 inchish diameter trunks haha. Oh and tires were an issue for awhile so i strapped em with braided fishing line.

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    There is a few threads on this recently. Some on the xmaxx sub. Do a search. That will list pros and cons. Vs rehashing this yet again.

    If able cost not really a issue go xmaxx.
    My xmaxx gets more play than erevo V2

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    Both are awesome. I love my Erevo 2.0 but there is some things that need worked out before 100% reliable/durable. I have wrenched on mine a lot in the first month of owning, I was willing to put in the time and this forum helped me a lot. Spare parts are a must, teflon tape the pillow ball screws and adjustment caps, run at least 2075x steel gear traxxas servos, done. I am running stock gearing and mx38 Badlands on F11 wheels. I use traxxas link and a heat gun and so far, trying my hardest to get it hot I only hit 164.4 deg F. Awesome Rc. I too jumped back into rc after a 20+ year without. I am stoked.

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    X-Maxx hands down or go with a Maxx (not X-Maxx) over the E-Revo 2.0. If I was starting out in the hobby I would get a Maxx to start with. It is the best of both worlds especially after you get the wide kit for it. I own an 8S X-Maxx, E-Revo 2.0, and Slash 4x4 Platinum. I have bashed all three of my X-Maxxes hard and they are not too far from stock.

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