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Thread: bad servo?

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    bad servo?

    I have a tmaxx 2.5 the throttle was not moving and now it barely moves. Batteries are new. I assume it needs a throttle servo. The reverse won’t move either. The top of the throttle servo says 2018. Is that the part number?

    Do you guys think it’s a bad throttle servo or could it be something else. I ran it a little bit after spaying silicone implants servo which freed it a little. After 15 minutes of run time it goes full throttle for no reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Man, reviving a 9 year old thread lol. Probably could have started a new one.

    Servos as the get old tend to get real sticky or weak. Probably the servo in my experience. You could get replacement upgrade servos from Traxxas, I'd recommend the stock revo servo sets.

    That's 2056 servo for the throttle and 2075 for steering.
    There's definitely better ones out there, but for the price and bolt-on compatibility, they work fine. The new heavy duty Traxxas servos are better for steering on the big trucks though.

    Hope this helps, start a new thread next time if your query isn't totally related to the super old thread your digging up.


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    New thread made.

    Batteries - as in 4 cell pack? Using alkaline or rechargeable? Have a rechargeable hump or flat receiver pack you could use?

    Verify you are getting full voltage to the receiver by carefully using a multi-meter to probe the middle and right pins of any of the channels while the battery(ies) are plugged into it and on. If not then verify full voltage is coming from the pack at the connector. If so then you have issues with the receiver. If not then there is a problem with the switch and/or wiring.
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