Iím looking to clean up the steering slop on my Slash I installed all new metal push and toe rods and for the most part, loved them. They cleaned up 90% of the steering slop I was having issues with.

See this thread for more on that - TRX Aluminum Suspension Linkage and Steel Hollowballs Problem

However after only a couple weeks of having them on the rear left plastic rod end on the toe bar broke. Which seems a bit premature.

Is this normal? Has anyone else seen this happen so quickly? I was bashing on small bumps and berms. Nothing major.

I suppose I only have to replace the ends and the shaft itself did itís job. Hard to say if the plastic stock part wouldíve done the same.

If I had to give these a review Iíd only give these a 3/5 stars.

- adjustability
- looks good

- limited durability

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