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    Getting back into the game after 13 years!

    So after 13 years I have started to pick up the hobby again. My son who is 9 wanted an RC car(after a few of the cheap toy ones), so I got him a Big Foot Stampede. After the weekend with him running it (he loves it ) I got the bug and bought myself one too, just the stock brushed version. I'm still kicking myself for selling the stampede I had years ago. Full 1/8 FLM everything with a CC brushless set up I don't remember what model it was, but I know it was one of the first ones that was made for use in a Stampede.

    Well so far on my sons I have only upgraded to bearings for the wheels gear box already had them, RPM tie rods, wheelie bar and put some lights on the body and added the Traxxas Stampede 4x4 light bar.
    On mine I did the bearings, FLM front and rear shock towers, Integy front and rear extended arms with adjustable tie rods and steal cv drive shafts, wheelie bar and also puts the same light bar on with lights on the body as well.

    Got some spare parts like caster blocks and steering blocks that I found in storage from my last Stampede.
    Just ordered some more parts.
    Aluminum Caster blocks 2 sets
    Aluminum Shock caps 2 sets
    and the big foot front bumper set up to replace the small stock bumper on mine( I know there are better bumpers out but I'm starting off small)
    I'm not ready to move up to brushless yet or even using LiPos. Not sure my son is ready for that either. He was not having it with me putting his in "training" mode because it was not as fast as mine.

    Any suggestions of other upgrades are very welcome. like I said I've been away for a long time and things have changed.

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    Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that you and your son are enjoying the hobby together!

    Honestly, the Stampede (as I'm sure you can tell) hasn't changed a whole lot. That said, sticking to the tried and true "upgrade what you break" philosophy is still best. Bash away, fix things as they break, wash, rinse, repeat, and enjoy.
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