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Thread: Gear Noise

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    Gear Noise

    Since the day I got my Erevo 2.0 it always had a gear whine. I thought it was normal, being an all new drive-line compared to the V1. I finally have had time and batteries to run this truck. My motor was much hotter than my ESC. So I was going to re-gear. When I pulled the pinion/spur cover off they didn't look right. They weren't parallel like they should be, like the mount was bent.

    It was hard to tell just by looking at it, so I sanded both sides of it a small amount on a piece of sandpaper, on a flat plate of glass. It was bent. I don't know how it got bent? I'll check the new one when it arrives and hopefully it'll be back together in no time.

    Does anyone know how it could of bent in this direction? I'm hoping it was just a manufacturing fluke. My V1 never bent, so IDK.

    Does anyone know of an aftermarket plate that is made from being machined from a billet? (not stamped or machined from cast)

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    Perhaps chassis flex caused this?

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