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    Lighting Options for Bigfoot No.1?

    Anyone have LED lights on their Bigfoot No1?
    Was wondering if the TRX4 Bronco headlights will fit the grill of Bigfoot? Grills on both (both 70s era ford trucks/square headlights after all) look similar in shape and dimensions. I'm sure they'll be some cutting of the body but wanted to see if anyone knows if it fits or not.

    I bought the Stampede 4x4 (TRA6784) light bar and just zip tied it to the roll bar. Not the prettiest (not expecting it to last too long with future rollovers) but my kids love it!

    What ya guys got?

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    I think this is gonna be ok when you figure it out .

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    What I did for my two, was got the 4x4 light bar and took some scrap aluminum sheet and cut out a mounting bracket that I put between the bulkhead and the bumper and mounted the light bar to that. it puts the light bar right behind the bumper for some protection and doesn't block the light. I'm sure with a little bit of work you can make it look pretty good. I also added a switch that I mounted to the chassis where it has a spot for an on/off switch so the lights are not on all of the time.

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