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    Charging receiver pack without peak charger?

    Does anyone here charge without any sort of peak detection? Whether it be a shutoff charger or one that simply has a light to notify when it's done? I had to recently get a new battery and the instructions advise to only use a linear charger with peak detection. My battery is a 6v 1200 mAh battery.

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    If it is a nimh battery then use any charger capable for that type of battery.
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    Are you referring to charging the battery say with just a DC power supply, like back in the old days? If so, I would strongly urge you to not do this. Manually charging any battery that way is possible, but requires extensive knowledge, care, and attention to not cause an accident. Even cheap Nimh chargers nowadays can be quite effective and easy to use.

    Nimh specific chargers have a value in their algorithm called a "delta peak", and to save you a lot of complicated words, it's required to correctly charge Nimh batteries.
    If you are interested in the science behind battery theory, I suggest checking out this site, I learned a lot from it back in the day before becoming a technician who builds industrial grade battery chargers for a living.


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