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    Cool Father/Son Slashetti build - trial run - water bashing

    We were inspired by other versions of this idea to design our own “Slasheti”. We modded our Slash 4x4 to a Monster Slash with Proline 2.8 BADLAND tires , geared it down with an 11tooth pinion gear and a 56tooth spur gear (which requires some dremmeling), heavier shocks, and then fit an Axial Yeti cage to it with aluminum panels we spray painted to look rusted. We’re going for a Mad Max look...still in progress.

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    Iím liking that a lot! What a great build, it looks fantastic. Just shows how versatile the Slash is...

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    Welcome to the Traxxas forums!

    Your build look great! Love the use if the front bumper on the rear! Please post detailed pics of you progress when you can.

    Have fun!
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    I used a vg racing cage which does the same thing I guess. Never heard it refered to as a slashetti though.

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