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    Cool Has anyone else made a Slasheti? Here’s our build so far...

    We were inspired by other versions of this idea to design our own “Slasheti”. We modded our Slash 4x4 to a Monster Slash with Proline 2.8 BADLAND tires , geared it down with an 11 tooth pinion gear and a 56 tooth spur gear (which requires some dremmeling), heavier shocks, and then fit an Axial Yeti cage to it with aluminum panels we spray painted to look rusted. We’re going for a Mad Max look...still in progress. We replaced the OEM Slash bumpers with shorter Rustler bumpers and Frankensteined the whole back of it by inverting the Slash front bumper and zip tie-ing it to the rear of the cage frame, along with some other spare parts, creating the hump in the back. Maybe we’ll name the car “Igor”.

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    There are a few of us that have dropped various roll cages on, they are fun builds.

    I build one, then went in another direction with my truck. Here is a video I shot from the interior...
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    This thread keeps making me think
    “He’s nervous his knees are week, palms are sweaty...
    mom’s slashetti”

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    I grabbed a roll-cage a year or so back but have not gone back to it to attach panels or anything. I tried to find foam rubber tubing to use as scale looking padding but never worked out all that well. My cage is all mild steel and pretty heavy. Sorry but it is the 4x4.

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