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    Best way to get gunk off the piston and other engine parts

    Top Fuel tends to leave oil gunk on the engines. I have a fair amount on my Piston. Does this need to be cleaned off, and if so, what is the best way to clean it up without scratching anything?

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    Might get better responses in the TRX Engines forum btw!

    If your motor is gunked at all, I'd recommend a thorough clean out. It's relatively easy, free, and takes only a little time.

    Inside the engine, anything that can be wiped off of the parts should be wiped off. Any discoloration, brown caster oil deposits, or pitting on top of the piston usually comes off with a bit of simple green, and gentle scrubbing usually with a toothbrush or other non abrasive tool. Even on clean engines, a surprising amount of usually brown gunk can be wiped out of the crevices.

    Once a season or every rebuild, I will take my engine entirely apart, and clean every single piece in my ultrasonic cleaner filled with diluted simple green. It's stupidly effective at removing pitting, gunk, and stuff inside the fuel holes too small to get into. Highly recommend if you're big into nitro, but super helpful even with electric car parts.

    Anything that comes off with wiping with paper towels or rags, or with a toothbrush and soap and water, should come off when you do a clean out. Just make sure you dont use anything abrasive on engine internals, and use ARO when assembling. Any of my motors that have sat long enough to develop gunk usually get a clean out before running again, but I usually just run them every month or so (all of them) to keep them smooth running. The heat of running helps melt down the gunk as well and keep them clean inside.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the tip, Mike! I'll be keeping this in mind.

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    Thank you for your tips!!! Useful information

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