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    Drivetrain issue?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently put the mini e revo rockers on my mini summit to keep the steel cvds from popping out. The install went ok, and then I put it on the floor and it didn't roll at all. It had before the install, but now it didn't. I then realized that I had tightened the rear two screws that secure the bumper mount into the aluminum diff brace. I loosened them a little bit, and the Summit rolled perfectly. I tightened them again, and sure enough, the whole drivetrain locked up. Is this a known bug on the Mini models? I think I'm going to fit some tiny washers in-between the screws and the bumper, so that I can't tighten them too much.

    Just wondering if anybody else has experienced the same thing!

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    I have had the same thing happen to me. The screw is too long and goes into the diff assembly and hits the ring gear. I think the sizes are mis-marked on the exploded view. I put in a shorter screw. Circled in red is the one.

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