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    I'm old school and the motors I delt with had 2 wires now I have a slash that has 3 wires and a sensor wire. Could someone explain as what these wires are??

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    That motor would be a sensored brushless one. Your older motor is a brushed motor. A brushed motor has a positive and negative that power an armature (rotor) which consists of usually 3 sets of coils, and the brushes pass the power to the rotating armature. The armature spins inside of permanent magnets. Now a brushless motor has a permanent magnet on the rotor, and that spins inside of the motor can that has the powered electrical coils. More common in bashers as the stock slash motor, is the sensorless motor. There is only the 3 coil wires. You have a sensored motor, which has sensors on the back end to tell the esc where the rotor is so it knows which ser of coils to power up to have a smooth start up. Generally sensors aren't needed over about 1000 rpm, and the esc switches over to sensorless. Generally sensored motors are used in racing, and rock crawling. Theres alot more I can say, but I'm no fan of typing. If interested google it. There are also brushless out runners, where the stationary coils are inside the spinning rotor, more common in some bigger boats, some crawlers, and larger applications like bicycles and cars.

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    The 3 wires, when looking at the back of your motor or ESC are basically A, B, and C. Connect A to A, B to B, etc. The sensor wire can only plug in one way. That’s the gist of it. If the motor runs backwards, there should be an adjustment on your radio, or within the ESCs software settings. An owners manual is your best tool here. They’re usually available online.

    If you run a sensorless motor, it’s even easier. The A, B, C thing still applies, but if your motor runs backwards, just switch any two of the motor wires around and you’re golden.

    If you need help finding a manual, tell us what sort of ESC you have and we’ll probably be able to find it. There are some smart people here.

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