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    Does body effect performance?

    Does the body choice really affect the performance of the car? I'm assuming that at 60-70 mph a more aerodynamic would be slightly better, but would it makes the difference between being slightly below 70mph and breaking 70?

    And is it recommended to run without a wing/spoiler? I've got a pretty aggressive gt wing on my current body.
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    So I would say that the body would affect the performance only to some degree. If it is a regular sized touring car body, it most likely won't make a lot of difference. If you change from a really bulky and boxy body (a truck body for example) to a sleek racing body, you would probably notice some difference (only noticeable at high speeds). I also have a spoiler on mine, and it doesn't really give any noticeable amount of downforce (using the stock brushed motor). Makes the car look good though. I did a test on it with a leaf blower, and a shock spring (the spring looks compressed but is at about the same compression without the wind):

    In the video, you can see that there is a bit of downforce to compress the spring slightly, but not enough to keep it still, so the car bounces up and down.

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    Yes, and the aero mods you do affect it as well. I have two bodies, in stock form the fox Mustang sometimes wanted to blow over at 40mph+. To fix that I made a front splitter, a rear undertray (a diffuser I guess), and a Saleen spoiler. It handles fantastic and stays glued to the ground no matter what. I can take it over 50 with no fear.

    If I pop on the '05 GT40 body on the same suspension set up for the Mustang it will go fine in a straight line, but there's some pressure zone bowing up the body in the rear. It also likes to spin out more in turns. I did some mods to the GT body, I haven't tested it yet. I need to make a splitter for it as well, I dont want to use the spoiler that came with it. I want to take this body to 70mph.

    But your best speed run bodies for every decimal MPH are low, no wing, and the rear cut out for drag.

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