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    X Maxx 8s Pinion and Spur gear problem.

    Hello all hoping someone here can help. My stock x maxx 8s pinion and spur gears got shredded after a few runs. Replaced it with stock 18-tooth pinion and 54-tooth spur but now it doesn't roll smoothly and sounds really bad when i roll it back and forth by hand. Heres a video of it rolling.

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    Using a 18t pinion without the pins under the
    motor mounts is recommended -
    setting the mesh by hand with just a little play

    Noise turning by hand seems normal
    debris cleaned out of cavities or will get into the teeth
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    I think this is one of the few shaky areas of this tough truck.

    In the end, removing the pins and setting mesh by hand helped, but didn't stop the spurs from shattering. After 2 54t spurs, I went to the 46t spur and the smaller gear lasted 3x as long, but it too shattered. So I bit the bullet, and bought a hot racing 50t spur:;c=975
    And a mod 1 20t pinion. I think it was losi.

    100 runs or so on that gear combo and zero sign of wear.

    It's a really good ratio. Never ran hot on 90 days, and really wakes up acceleration over the box stock gearing. It tops out around 45mph.

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    I have an early 8S I have always run on 6S.

    I shredded the original 46, and bought the bullet and bought the Hot Racing 50 T spur with the original 18 t pinion.

    Worked fine for 2 years.

    Just recently started upping the pinion gears. Up to 21 now. More fun but more dangerous.

    I am considering going smaller on the spur.

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    Thx yall, I'll try it without the pins.

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    Scrap those traxxas gears! Get hardened gears. I like GDS spur gears and Robinson Racing hardened pinions! You will have 0 issues for many many future bash sessions. Im running 20/46 and love it!

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    As mates says, set mesh by hand, took out the pin system. In the future, get hardened gears, are better and more durable than stock.

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