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    Cool New Member/New Purchase- Traxxas Slash

    Hello all,

    I'm new here. I just purchased a Traxxas Slash over the weekend. New to the RC world. Been wanting to get one for quite a few years now- but the stars didn't align until this weekend. I have already run the truck on both Saturday and Sunday night.

    Hoping to gain some insight into the hobby- hopefully meet up with some new people as well. I'm on the East Side of Cincinnati. Are there any groups that run RC Cars/Trucks in the area?

    Hope to learn some cool stuff with this truck... so far it's been a quick little truck!

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    Welcome to the addiction (I'm willing to bet, you'll have at least one more vehicle before the end of the year)'re gonna love it. Can't help you on location, as I'm in California...but, as for the Slash, I bought my step-dad a 2WD Slash for Father's Day last year, and have helped him in some upgrades.

    The first thing your going to want to do is either replace the plastic shock caps with the optimal aluminum caps (less-costly option), or completely replace the shocks with something better, such as the Traxxas GTR shocks (more-costly, but also much better, option). The next upgrade most people do is replace the stock steering servo, either with a better/stronger Traxxas unit, or with a servo from Hitec, Spektrum, Savox, or any of several other servo manufacturers.

    If you read through the various threads, you'll find all sorts of directions you can go, from alternate bodies, to alternate A-arms...from 3rd-party replacement bumpers, to different motor/ESC options. Whatever you decide to do work your Slash, make it "yours", have fun, and pass on the enjoyment to others (kids, family members, friends, neighbors, etc). Now...go have some fun.

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    Welcome to the hobby.

    Like Panther said, get the aluminum shock caps at the very least. With that said I'm a "keep it stock, until it breaks" kind of guy. Plenty of options for upgrades and personalizing it.

    I'm in the general area, NKY, not aware of any groups. My son and I run our trucks at a BMX track in Burlington, KY. Not sure how far you want to drive. We have met a few others that are close and always looking for more people and places to run them.

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    Nice to hear that you've also came into the hobby! Like Panther said, you will definitely get one more RC before the end of the year. When I first started (2 years ago), I also got a 2wd Slash, and by the end of the year, I got 3 more (which in total makes it 4) (Slash 2WD, TRX-4 short wheelbase, TRX-4 Long wheelbase, UDR), and I have acquired my fifth one this year (4 Tec 2.0). Location-wise, I'm also in the SF Bay Area, but there is a buddy locator (somewhere) on the Traxxas forums (not a lot of people have been using it lately). You can also go to your local hobby shop, and find someone there.

    For the upgrades, it really depends on your personal opinion. What Panther listed above were the most common upgrades that people have done. For me, I have kept it bone stock (until now, upgrade parts coming this Wednesday), and I have never broken anything on it (only the receiver failed on me once). Of course, I drive it rather lightly, but my dad crashed it 20mph straight in to a curb, and it survived with only some scuffs on the front bumper (it's very durable).

    For me, I think the first best upgrade for handling is the LCG chassis conversion kit (if you drive light, like me, but if you drive hard enough to break parts, try RPM arms and Aluminum shock caps). It (the LCG chassis) makes the car much more stable and easy to maneuver around corners, and it will also make it harder for the car to flip over (which also keeps the body nicer, and less "walks of shame" ).

    Overall, I would say take a good look at the car (drive it and analyze it), and find out what you like, don't like about your car, and what you want it to be like. Some testing methods can be acceleration (for motor torque and tire traction), driving it on different surfaces (suspension test, tires), jumping it (suspension test), drifting (how balanced the chassis it, suspension test), and ETC. Hope this gives you some insight into what to do!

    (btw: I have recently started a thread on upgrading my Slash, if you want to see it, it is called Slash 2WD Rebuild and Refresh, and the parts are coming on Wednesday, so I will be updating it soon).
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    Welcome into the hobby! I just got my Slash two months ago and am slowly working on customizing it. I've been in and out of the hobby off and on for the past 30 years, however, this time it will be different as my wife is going to be ordering up her very own Slash this week and after 20 years of being together, we will finally share this wonderful hobby. Of course, having 2 trucks in the family means twice as many parts to buy... and break... and buy again... oh the joys of RC!!

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    Welcome to the hobby. Brushed or brushless? Definitely ask a lot of questions but google things as well. A lot of topics you’ll have questions regarding have most likely been discussed in the past and can be a wealth of information.
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