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    G500 Wheels and tires

    Are there other tires that fit the G500 wheels? The wheels are awesome, tires are cool, too, but probably not too hot in off road situations. I'm just wondering if there are any options out there.
    I may even get a set to run (without the center caps) on my crawler kit. I'm mostly running on street, sidewalk, parking lot and sometimes grass anyway

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    Try the Pro Line tires for Crawler, they are good, a lot of people use it. The stock ones are very good, use them during a time before changing.

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    G500 wheels are 2.6 sized, which is larger than most if not all of the crawler tires out there. The only 2.6 inner diameter wheels I can find are are monster truck tires with paddles, which isn't really going to look or perform well.

    Maybe try stretching a 2.2 tire over it? some 1.9 tires stretch decently well over 2.2 rims, so I'm assuming that 2.2 tires can be stretched over 2.6 wheels but I'm not sure. The difference between 1.9 and 2.2 is 0.3 in, while 2.2 and 2.6 has a 0.4 difference. It should work, but Don't take my word for it.

    The TRX6 G63 tires are sometimes said to be the best crawler tires that Traxxas has released because of the interrupted tire tread, but the G500 tires don't look interrupted. They still will do pretty well for trailing and some mild rock crawling, but aren't terribly great at complex rocks.
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