Hi guys,

Dusted off the old 1/16 E-Revo a couple weeks ago. Actually, I dusted off the bag full of parts since that was its last known state. Only halfway through pulling out the parts and the PTSD sets in... "click click click click...". See, back in 2010 of my E-Revo's prime I probably blew through a diff a week. I was young and didn't realize shims were the answer. With the addition of the old bulkhead design and the drop-in got2gorc ESC and motor combo (along with batteries). I was doing backflips, cartwheels, and changing diffs on the regular.

Sitting on the healing bench for the last two weeks has paid off as she's now running again! Bought a bag of 25 shims off amazon: 0.313-0.318" ID 495-.505" OD 0.004" thick. They work great (the ID is perfect, I would not go any smaller) and cheep. The front diff was cooked and required 5 shims, but is holding 3s so far. Man I forgot how much I loved the got2gorc 60-120c boost packs. After all these years in storage they balanced out great with exceptional internal resistance (I tried looking up his website but found nothing, I assume he's moved on?)

This thing is a blast! Figured I'd check in with the community. Any new hop-ups worth buying?

Cheers, Cottage4Life