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    transmitter question

    I was wondering if I picked up a 3 channel transmitter, if I could use the 3rd channel to turn a light set on and off from the transmitter? has anyone tried this and had any success?

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    As long as the 3ch transmitter is compatible with the 3ch receiver, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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    You cannot control the lights directly from the 3rd channel, you need some sort of a lighting controller to actually turn the lights on and off.

    There are a good number of ways to control lights, a simple on/off or turn signals and such. For basic on/off control, you'll want something like this:


    The receiver has three pins per channel/port...

    Pin closest to the edge of the case: Return power

    Pin in the middle: Bus power.
    • This bus is fed by the ESC's BEC (or and external BEC)

    Pin nearest to the middle of the receiver. Digital signal.
    • This pin is the communications port that tells the servos, ESC and other do-dads on your RC what to do. Why you move the steering wheel, pull the trigger, or activate an aux channel, the receiver sends a digital command code (1's and 0's) down this line, the device being control translates that command code and reacts accordingly.

    So, if you just want lights on your rig, you can just connect them to the RX on the return and power pins of an open port. But, the power on the port/channel you are connected to is always there, regardless of what that channel is being commanded to do.
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