Hello everyone!

This is my first post in very long time, i have noticed things have changed with the rally. I have an original (slash 4x4 lowered) gen 1 rally. I am wanting to pick up where I left off, as I was out of the hobby for a few years now. I am wanting to push my rally to about 70 mph and I was wanting some help from the community. Currently in my car Iím running a MMP 2400kv castle combo from a years back, geared 22/50. On 3s I am only able to maybe kiss 47-50 mph on 4s Fastest speed I have gotten is 61. Iím using 17mm wheels (arrma hoons). For some reason I cannot get that ever elusive 70mph. Anybody have any hints or suggestions?

I donít have a temp gun to get temperatures and amazon seems to be sold out or theyíre charging an arm and leg for even the cheapo ones. Iím not trying to blow this thing up just want to drive in circles and occasionally go down a straight.