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    Brand new M41 running slow

    Hi everyone
    Iíve just got a new M41 today. Iíve connected 2x3cell, 5000mah, 11.1v lipo battery and when I turned on, first I set up for training mode, but it was really slow. So, I turned it off and turned on the sport mode, but it was the same. It went super slow. Then I tried the race mode and it was the same. Iím not sure what to do... Please help!!! Thank you!

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    Try to calibrate your ESC to recognize full throttle. Procedure is in your manual, not sure if this wil fix the issues, just a starting point for trouble shooting

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    were you able to get it figured out?
    After you were done running, were the electronics hot?
    Check to make sure your drive shaft has a 2-3mm space between it and the transom otherwise binding will cause it to run slow
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