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    Anyone have interest in Custom Battery Holders?

    So I have all of these 3S lipos that fit great into my ERevo, and also a Slash I once owned, but they are just a tad too long for the 4x4 Stampede that I have. I used to use blue tape to hold the batteries in, but clearly that got old and did not hold up very well for for too long.

    Getting tired of taping the batteries at a goofy angle into the body, I decided to design and 3D Print some battery holders that allow me to use my longer batteries and employ the use of Velco Straps!

    These install very easily with 1 screw for each holder, and only require drilling a small 2mm hole for each one in the chassis. After I screwed the battery holders in, I used a dremel to shave off the pointy part of the screw so that I wouldnt cut myself picking up the car.

    After reading some forums recently, I have found that others are attempting to make their own setups that employ velcro battery straps, but most of these setups require cutting long holes into the chassis.

    So I wanted to gauge interest in my design of battery holder to see if anyone would want to buy these custom battery holders. Please PM me or post a reply! If there is interest, I can start 3D printing these off and will gladly sell them for a decent price. I would also like opinions if I should include straps, or if people would want to use their own (if I need to supply them, I will have to purchase them from somewhere to include them in a kit).

    I am not allowed to post attachments just yet, but please request pictures directly and I will gladly send them to you!

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    You can make a free account on, then get the link to the image to share here.

    I use, was easier with all the images I have.

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    What model number is your battery? I accidentally ... No, the clerk at an RC shop sold me a 2872x. It was too long. That was the weekend before the lockdown. Returning it wasn't an option. I had never run my Stampede and I bought it specifically so I'd have something to do during the lockdown. So, I tried all the weird angles and stuff to make it fit.
    Finally, I felt around on the battery a bunch and decided to take a chance. I poked a hole in the plastic of the battery right between where the wires come out. The peg goes through there and the battery hold-down fits over it. It fits perfectly. It's worked fine ever since.
    It feels like this battery is the same as the Stampede battery, but it has some foam or something at the end to make it fit the longer battery tray.
    I'm not suggesting anyone do this. It's pretty stupid, but I was desperate. It looked like we were all going to be stuck at home for months. As it turned out, I was "essential" and hardly anybody else stayed home, either.
    Opinions other than the fact it's stupid to poke holes in your battery?

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