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    Jato 3.3 Recommendations.

    Hey guys, just got my Jato 3.3 back up and running after about 3 years of sitting. New tune, fresh batteries all around, a new glow plug and a new air filter. Was just interested if anyone had any recommendations for upgrades? I will mostly be ripping it in my driveway which is half gravel and half asphalt. It is entirely a stock Jato, so any and all advice is welcome.

    Ps. If anyone knows where i could find a ford raptor body pre-painted that'd be sweet. Even if its not for a Jato and i can cut it to fit I'll be happy!

    Also I know there was a previous post about this I was just wanting to see if anyone had anything new and exciting.

    Thanks in advance!

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    These days, I mostly recommend simply upgrading things that you break/wear out.

    As for bodies, I'd recommend giving painting your own a try; it's really not that difficult, and you'll have greater satisfaction in doing it yourself. I'd look for a body more geared towards stadium trucks (e.g. the Rustler), as those would likely look best with stadium truck tires. (Admittedly, I am unsure of a Raptor body exists for the Jato.)
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