Hi all, first post here in the xmaxx forum

Just got the 8s version and took mine out for the first run on 6s batts and i cant say i was too impressed. Granted my expectations may have been unrealistic coming from a erevo brushless, but can i ask you vets if any of this is as designed with a stock xmaxx running on two 3s batts.

1. No wheelies. Either on grass or pavement.
2. Similarly, i dont feel any sense of power like i do in the youtube vids. the thing gradually accelerates off the line, no ballooning of any tires.
3. Self righting doesnt work. On any surface. almost as if it doesnt have the inertia to come close to flipping.
4. Its really slow. I understand its a bigger, heavier truck, but I put these same 3s batts in my erevo and the speed is uncontrollably, indescribably fast. In this truck it moves like a tyco car from the 90s.

Did anyone remember experiencing this feeling on their first run? Would 4S batts change my mind completely? Or do i just need to manage my expectations?