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    EREVO 2.0 Issues

    I purchased an E-Revo 6-12-20. The truck had both front wheels with horrible wobble, the ESC and Motor would not allow the truck to even run as fast as my VXL 1/16 Slash. Went to LHS and they told me to contact traxxas as the motor was extremely hot (over 180 degrees F). Item was shipped into Traxxas for warranty repair at the time they replaced the front wheels and ESC. Upon the truck coming back the truck has responsive throttle but the motor gets up 178 F. I am worried the motor is going to burn up, I asked them to replace the motor because of the heat issues and they said the motor tested fine. I do not understand what is fine, none of my other VXL Traxxas models get above 170F what can I do?

    The Revo is stock gearing, stock wheels, and two Traxxas 3S batteries. I am looking for suggestions as I do not trust that this motor will last like the my 1/16 Slash (8 years old) or 1/10 Slash 2wd (8+ years old)1/10 slash 4WD (six months old).

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    Well, with more powerful brushless systems comes with more heat. If youíre running on 6s itís going to get hot, especially if youíre ripping up and down the street doing speed runs.

    Whatís the weather like and how are you running the truck? Hits bashing, jumps, street runs? Thatíll help with determining if something is wrong or if you just need a fan for the motor.

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    Running in grass also drives up the temps.

    The tires on the ERBEv2 are heavy. Kind of surprised they left them as heavy as they are as the additional rotational mass also drives up temps.

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