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Thread: Reciever issues

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    Reciever issues

    "Traxxas allows product support for their brand items here in the forums. With the money Hobbywing made from your purchase they should be providing support for their product. Best to contact them. "

    Turns out the receiver is the bad part so that would fall under Traxxas but thanks for your closure of my thread.
    So this forum isnt to help people with Xmaxx's with an aftermarket it my bad.

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    I'm glad you found the problem and I hope Traxxas will take care of the issue.
    The thread was closed in adherence of rules of this forum.
    Sarcastic whining about said action will get you nowhere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traxxas
    Complaining that your post was deleted or that you were warned will not improve your situation and will only serve to attract more unwanted attention.
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