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    Sank my MERV in the swimming pool last night!!

    Hello all! Yesterday evening around 8 o’clock or so I managed to sink my MERV in the 6 foot deep side of my buddy’s swimming pool. It was submerged for 12-15 seconds. When I retrieved it from the pool it still worked and we ran two more battery packs through it. Then it got blown clean with the compressor. Last but not least I took the receiver cover off and aired it out all night. Today it still runs but it looks like diff rebuilds and total bearing replacement is in order before I run it again. It’s been only 17 hours since the dunking and the driveline feels a little tight already. Anyway I still had a nice evening and just wanted to share this with y’all. Of course I was the only person that managed to do this!

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    Lol. Hate it when that happens. Did you try hydroplaning with your MERV?

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    Probably can just clean and repack with grease for bearings vs replacment.

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    Does that now make it a sub-MERVable?
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    After running my mini slash through water one day, like water level to the roof line, I found it was rolling stiff the next day. I sprayed some WD40 silicone on the wheel bearings, diff bearings, motor bearings and basically any other bearing I could get to or see without taking anything apart. Even if I couldn't get there with the spray straw, I know it would seep into where it needed to go. After rolling it by hand for a matter of seconds, everything was freed up again.

    It's good to use WD40 (normal stuff) first, to displace the water. Then the WD40 Silicone (or equivalent lubricant/oil) after to lubricate the bearings and other moving parts.

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