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    New Traxxas Slash - Battery Won't Charge after First Use

    I just bought a new Slash 2wd RTR today. First real RC car. I charged up the battery as instructed and everything was great. My son and I drove it for a while on our driveways and lawn on training mode until it didn't have the power to run through the grass.

    I disconnected the battery to let it cool down and then I attempted to recharge it. I was getting single green flashes, but after about 5-10 minutes I went to check on it and the light was out. I didn't have time to mess with it, so I just disconnected it and left it unconnected for a few hours. I just went out to try charging it again and now when I plug it in I get 3, sometimes 4 green flashes and then solid red.

    I tried again with the car running and I get a different result. With the car running I get 3-4 green flashes, and then it starts single flashing red.

    I've checked the fuse, and it's fine. The battery pack itself is sitting at about 8.2V based on my multimeter. Any suggestions before I take it back to the hobby shop?

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    Sorry to hear of the troubles. The charger that comes with the truck is a very inexpensive one. I don't prefer it as you are limited to using your auto to charge it and leave the battery in the vehicle until done; if in the very minute chance something happens.... Others have reported that they need to give a little extra effort to make sure the battery and the charger are firmly plugged in.

    You could get the AC to DC converter, however, if you plan on being in the hobby for a good period of time (it is a great time for parent/son!) I would rather put that $30 into getting a decent charger that can handle nimh and lipo batteries. For example, I have been running with the Hitec X2 AC Plus with an external dc power supply for years and it charges my nitro nimh and life receiver batteries, glow plug ignitor, as well as my lipo batteries for my Slashes. Fellow RCers use other chargers but I would stay away from the $40-60 range as they still don't have the power to efficiently charge batteries.

    If the shop is close enough, take the charger and battery back and see what they say. Or call Traxxas Customer Support.
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    I had a similar problem. The kid and me drove our slash 4x4 until it slowed down. left it to cool and put on the charger. Blinked a few times, thought it was good. Went to use it again last Friday and totally dead. Put it on the charger and the cheap charger it comes with wouldn't recognize the battery. Brought it to the hobby shop today and he had to do something with it and after 10 min on his charger, he said to take home and put back on the charger that came with the truck for 1 hour. We did and works again. I guess I need to look into a different charger.

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