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    questions for traxxas lipo batteries?

    what i should do if i have new traxxas lipo batteries? should i charge it first or use immediately without problem?

    when my traxxas lipo batteries in fully charged, and than i will not using it for a reason what should i do? should i use store charge or i use discharge first and than store charge???

    when my traxxas lipo batteries empity and i will not use again in 1-3 days what should i do?

    thank you.
    please help.

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    I would think, like other new batteries, your supposed to charge to full charge first. And the only time i store charge my battery is when I know I wont be using it for more than 4 or 5 days. I dont know about discharging a lipo battery if your unsure what your discharging to. I think that could be unsafe as lipo cells aren't supposed to go ANY lower than 3v i think. (Correct me if im wrong please) Also dont ever charge on the fast charge settings. It could charge the cells unevenly, which will shorten your lipos life span drastically. The fastest balance setting charges fairly quickly. Like within an hour with my 6500mAh smc 3s. And if your using a low voltage setting on your esc, you should be okay to leave it 'dead' for a few days. But anymore than that I'd stick on storage mode. Some people use lipo charging bags to be extra safe as they are fire, and im pretty sure, explosion proof.

    All of this is what I've gathered over 5 short months of using lipos. I believe that is the about all of what you need to know.

    EDIT: I've left my lipo fully charged for 3 or 4 days without any swelling or anything. Dont leave it in the sun!! Lipos can get warm as it is during charging and use.

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    Were there instructions that came with the lipo and charger? All the lipo/life batteries and chargers I've purchased come with instructions.

    Lipo batteries are sold at a storage voltage. You need to use a lipo charger to balance charge (every time!) to full charge then use them - don't use them from a storage voltage. Make sure your ESC is set to use lipo batteries so that low-voltage cut-out is activated when the batteries are discharged. Let them cool for a few minutes and if you do not intend on using them again for a day or two put them to storage voltage. Don't leave batteries discharged or fully charged but rather at storage voltage.

    Take the time to search for Jakey's and JimmyNeutron's posts regarding lipo batteries. Jakey used to own SPC Racing and Jimmy - he was a brilliant man.
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    When I purchase new batteries, I always run them through a cycle (charge, then discharge), and then I either fully charge them again (if I'm going to use them within 24 hours), or I charge them to storage level (if I'm NOT going to use them within 24 hours.

    As for charging, and not using, a standard "rule of thumb" would be this: If you can run the packs within 24 hours of charging then, always put them back to storage level. Like you, when I first started using LiPos, I knew nothing about caring for, or properly maintaining,, understanding the importance of doing so, I'm almost "religious" about their care & maintenance.

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