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    New Jato colors, what other models need a makeover?

    So what are we thinking of the new Jato colors? I personally love them and I am happy Traxxas is giving a nitro model some love. I think the Nitro Rusty definitely needs a redo along with the Summit. What are your opinions?
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    Personally I don’t like the new paint designs Traxxas has for some of its models it look like splashed paint on there and some they came up with like for instance on the Maxx looks plain. But that’s my opinion I actually liked the Revo’s and Tmaxx 3.3 and Stampede 4x4 Vxl paint designs.
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    the new paint design looks like those chinese models they hate so much, every new paint design they come up with over the past few years had gone from bad to worst.
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    Opinion: they look okay, though the orange is very sharp. I prefer the simpler colors as seen in the Raptor, GT, Mustang, or TRX models. Even the colors Pro-Line uses to showcase their bodies. K.I.S.S.
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    I like the simpler looks as well. "rock n roll" look and the other are not my style really. Makes me wish they would start putting clear bodies in the box vs the pre-painted again.

    I kind of wish the stickers were able to be put on the inside as well.

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