I'm new to nitro/gas powered. A guy on Facebook had 3 bars for sale. One being a jato with the regular engine. I bought it for 300. He told me they ran over 2 years ago. I knew nothing about them but wanted a project.

So anyway, I have replaced the engine with the 3.3. The guy i got it from took care of his stuff. He made his jato electric. Also changed the fuel line, starter, fuel tank, on off switch as well.

Anyway I went to finally start it today and nothing. It doesnt turn over. (Ez start battery is brand new and charged) my jato doesnt have a button to get fuel into the carb. Fuel just stays in the tank. Gear mesh isnt to tight. It's about medium. What am i doing wrong? Or what can I try? I've tried youtube and google lol.