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    Lastest TSM Update (15th August) gone wrong?

    Hey guys,

    I'm posting here because my local traxxas rep told me to do so, see if it was just bad luck or someone had the same problem!

    I have a Maxx and did the latest upgrades to TQI and TSM (With all the batteries charged), only to have the TSM one fail at verification and lose conectivity. After that I wasn't able to re-bind the radio and receiver.

    Fortunately I'm still within the first 30 days of purchase so I got a new receiver installed but now I can't use the app because it will tell me to proceed with updating the TSM as soon as the car is turned on and reading the horror stories on this forum about updates, I'm scared it will happen again.

    Was it just bad luck or did it happen to anyone else?
    Is there anyway the app won't force me to update?

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    It's recommended the plane mode in the phone to update the system, when you end to download the update to App, swicht the phone to "plane mode", and only swight on the Bluetooth, then, update the TX and RX system. Try to rebind the TX and RX. Or contact Traxxas Support, they are very good.

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