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    Question New Tires

    I have a 4-tec 2.0 that has a 35T-55 ratio (70 mph/112 kph) and I am going through tires pretty fast, and I am looking for a better wheel/tire to use. I am looking for anything that last long but still has good strait line grip. Also should I go foam or stay rubber?

    I am not a racer and mainly drive on asphalt and concrete.

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    Foam tires offer better grip, and also wear out less. However, foam tires chunk out easily (chunks of foam may get chipped if it goes on terrain that is too rough for it). The stock tires are the longest lasting tires that I am currently aware of (other tires are more race/grip oriented).
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    That gearing on 3s is epic, i tried it for a while on contact foams, the foams last well but you need to remember they are foam not rubber, if you slide around and drift you will chunk the edges out, if you just run circuits on and off throttle they will last you a long time.

    I now run 29/62 and it's still awesome but more controllable.

    Fwiw i run 26mm up front and 30mm rear, around 35 to 40 shore and as their cheap i buy 3 or 4 full sets at a time.

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