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Thread: M41 backorders

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    M41 backorders

    Hi there. New user, so apologies if this has already been asked... I searched the forum and didn't see anything regarding the M41 backorder... So obviously a lot of things are on backorder right now, and not just Traxxas items. So a little backstory.. I ordered one M41 online in August and when I placed the order it did state back ordered with an anticipated ship date of late July. Smash cut to mid July.. I received a 10% off coupon for an in store purchase, so I decided to order another at my LHS. A few days later they were available for purchase online, so I thought sweet mine should be coming soon! Then a day later online showed out of stock. So here we are, one day left in July and no shipment. Obviously I'm being an impatient , but I can't wait to sink that thing! Jk, jk. So long story long, has anyone else received a M41 recently that was ordered on backorder?


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