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    Stripped Rear Pinion Gear (8977)

    So, my Maxx just stripped its rear drive-line pinion gear for the third time since purchase last March, and I'm at loss. At this point I've become acutely aware of the different noises the Maxx makes when it breaks and what they mean. And I dread the crunch that accompanies this failure. The TRA8977 comes as a $15 set with this gear and a replacement diff ring. After every break, I examine the diff gear and its still pristine. So, I'm amassing quite a collection of unused rear ring gears.

    Was wondering if anyone else is having issues with this component and how they're dealing with it. I've already tried running with little to no grease as well as packing in an irresponsible amount, but stripped gears still occur. I've finally gone ahead with the purchase of a hardened aftermarket part, but, as it's sourced in Hong Kong, it'll be a minute before I lay eyes on it for sure. I'll update this post it they work out.
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